Delivery for Orders Paid by Bank Transfer/EFT or Credit Card

For orders paid via bank transfer (EFT) or wire transfer, the TOTAL amount must be sent to the bank account for the order to be prepared. In the case of non-payment of the transaction amount in EFT and/or wire transfer orders, the cancellation period for the order is 1 day. In this case, the order remains pending for 2 days, and if no payment is made, the order is then CANCELLED. The shipping cost for purchased products is free, but for returns and exchanges, it is the responsibility of the BUYER.

For orders paid by credit card or Cash on Delivery, if placed before 14:00 (2:00 PM), they will be delivered to PTT CARGO on the same day, provided that there is no system malfunction.

Once your payment is reflected in our bank account, the order preparation process begins. Orders placed by wire transfer (if payment is received) until 14:00 (2:00 PM) on weekdays are delivered to PTT CARGO on the same day.

On weekends (Saturday - Sunday) or official holidays, orders are delivered to PTT CARGO on the first working day after the holiday.

The delivery time varies depending on the distance from your address to - NRY TEKSTİL (600 km. and more than 600 km.) For such distances, the shipping company delivers your order to your address within 1-4 days.

However, there may be differences in delivery times for MOBILE AREAS.

A Mobile Area refers to regions where PTT CARGO does not have a branch, and deliveries are made by vehicle on specific days of the week.

When shopping on our website, you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING and CASH ON DELIVERY options.

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